PIDP 3100 – Biography

PIDP 3100 – Biography

Hello fellow classmates.

This is my initial blog entry – I feel so tech savvy tonight.

My life is that of a wife, mother, pet owner, friend, family member, nurse, co-worker,

learner etc..

I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive and an excellent cook.  Two children, a

15 year old daughter who has turned out to be such a wonderful blessing in my life and a

13 year old son who can make me laugh like no one else.  To round out the family we have

2 cats – a brother/ sister team who are so fun & have too much energy and who are so

cuddly and soft.

I’ve been working as a nurse for over 25years.  I started in the typical medical surgical the

world of Home Health in the late eighties.  It was a new and growing area where as nurses

we looked after people in their own homes.  I was part of a multidisciplinary team that also

included occupational and physical therapists.  We were a brave new frontier.

Orientation consisted of a few days buddied up with other nurses and a very small binder

with a few instructions in it.  Wow have things changed.  Today Home Health is a large

part of healthcare.  Many people confuse us with Public Health who work in prevention

and Continuing Care where we work with people who are already ill.

I started off as a Home Care Nurse where we did anything from home assessments, wound

care, diabetic assistance, medication management, palliative care and a whole host of

other things.  We were brave, going into peoples homes on our own.  I remember once

when we had the police come to talk to us about safety, we said we went into a certain

building and they were shocked, they didn’t go into that building alone, why did we?

There are so many funny stories and so many sad ones.  We met people where they lived

and saw them at their best and their worst.   I have often said that I wish I knew then what

I know now so I could have cared for ‘my people’ more knowledgeably.  We didn’t have

very many resources to help us provide care to our patients.  We were learning and

growing as a team of health care workers.  I grew up in Home Health.  I had my ‘other

many good as well as some challenging times in our lives together and those women are

still some of the women I respect most in the world.  Women who loved and cared for the

people they looked after. Beautiful examples of what nursing has the potential to be.

We would have coffee every afternoon and tell stories of our day.  There was the time I left

my umbrella in someone’s apartment and when I went back to retrieve it (moments after I

left), I was told that I hadn’t left it there.  The following week, when I returned, this person

had picked apart my umbrella and made a vest out of it – and had the nerve to be wearing

it.  Or there was the time I got a police escort into someone’s home because the whole

neighbourhood had been evacuated as it was thought a dangerous offender was in the

area.  There were dogs and police everywhere.  The person I was to see had been warned

about not being home for the nursing visits the day before and refused to leave until I got

there.  The police weren’t impressed.

I eventually moved into the area of Case Management where we were able to assist people

to stay in their own homes with the support of various  resources and also helped them

into care when it was time.  So many wonderful relationships were developed over the

years with patients and their families.

Over time I realized that I loved working with people, I have such a soft spot in my heart

for people and I hate to see people hurting.  Years of practice helped me to become an

experienced practitioner, to develop people skills and a love for sharing what I know with

others in order to make everyone’s life better.

My latest adventure has been as a Clinical Nurse Educator in a different area of health

care – the role is to teach other nurses or allied heath professionals about a whole host of

things pertaining to their work, updated policies and procedures as well as working on

various projects.  It has been very interesting and challenging to say the least but I am

plowing forward and truly enjoying it.

As a mother I want my children to be aware of and be compassionate towards those less

fortunate than they are, to learn to love people where they are. There have been many

times when I took my children to visit one of my patients, not just to let them see life as

others live it but also for the benefit of my patients. There is nothing like watching the face

an elderly person light up in the presence of children, especially when they don’t see their

own grandchildren very often. My children are in French immersion at school and I took

them to see a lady who spoke fluent French but only broken English. My children talked

with her in French for quite a while and she was so happy to have someone to talk to in her

own language.

I have started these PIDP courses in order to better equip myself to educate the people

who rely on me to bring the information and wisdom they need to enjoy their jobs, to

apply quality care and utilize best practices.  Who knows where my future will be at home

or at work but I bet it will be great.

I know one thing, that is I love my job but I love my family more and have every intention

of not allowing these courses to take away the family times we have together.


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