Current & Emerging Trends in Education

Current or Emerging Trends

Horizon Project 2014 Higher Education

I chose this website as it had a wide variety of information to choose from & it was current

and contributions were from multiple sources.  Returning to the world of school – things

have changed. I Graduated high school 1979 & from nursing school in 1985. My 1st job was

typing on electric typewriters with ink ribbons and we used carbon paper. If any mistakes

were made, you either had to start the document over or use correction tape or liquid

paper.I didn’t own my first computer in the early 1990’s. I didn’t really become aware of

the internet until 15 years later.  Things changed without me really knowing it.

Returning to school 25 years later was at first, absolutely overwhelming, new technology

changing at an amazing speed was anxiety provoking.  I now deed help from my kids a role

reversal I wasn’t quite ready for.

There are so many gadgets, apps & other resources available now that were not even

thought of when I was in school. Smart phones, iPads, iPods, lap tops & tablets. There are

apps for everything you can think of and some you’d never even image you needed. The

way of the future is a more global outreach, a more global classroom. Educators & schools

need to stay on top of changes or risk becoming dinosaurs. Education is now a global

system where the pace isn’t going to slow down. Educators have to speak the language of

the students. Students need to feel their teachers aren’t antiquated.

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