Biography – What is This Blog About?

Biography – What is This Blog About?

This blog has been created as an assignment in the VCC PIDP, Foundations of Adult

Education 3100 Course.  Some course assignments are posted on this blog.

This blog is set up to include several pages with specific information embedded into each

page:  journal, research, links and about me.  It is linked to the School of Instructor

Education Website as well as their Facebook page.

Through this medium I am able to express my opinions & present my work to anyone who

is interested in reading it, my class mates and instructor are  able to view the information

that I have posted.

Blogging is a form of social media, it is also an excellent medium that educational

institutions can incorporate into their curriculum.   The way in which information is

presented and shared in educational settings is evolving and in order to keep up to date

and relevant the educator must learn to use & incorporate new technology into their


I am gaining confidence in using some of the newer technologies available to me and I am

looking forward to seeing the worlds that they will open up to me.


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