Can technology teach us to be compassionate?

Feb 2/15

Can technology teach us to be compassionate?

As a nurse, I feel strongly that compassion and empathy at the human suffering that we as health care professionals witness is something that must be addressed at every step of the training & learning process.

As a student nurse, I developed most of my skills while working on the hospital wards. I witnessed the discomfort of someone having a tube put into their stomach through their nose, or who felt the “pinch” of an IV being started and I felt the crunch of ribs being broken while doing CPR on a live person who was in a real cardiac arrest.   I was acutely aware of the discomfort I was causing as well as the ramifications if I wasn’t doing something correctly.

Is this the only way to teach empathy?

Can a nurse trained in a lab or simulations learn the same compassion?

Technology can teach us knowledge, procedures, critical thinking and a whole host of other necessary skills that are needed to be successful in the workplace.

What about technology & compassion? Can a medical professional (nurse) trained in a lab setting develop the same compassion as the person trained through hands on experience with real live people in real time situations?

What do you think of the technique used by the Sheffield Hallam University?

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