Copyright in 3D

Jan 30/15

Copyright in 3D

I have heard of 3D printers but have never really explored what they were or what they could do.  The impact of these copiers could be catastrophic and yet wonderful.

I had to start by finding out exactly what 3D printing was – here is an article that includes a video from How Stuff Works that gives a brief explanation – I also read the article and it was amazing.

The thing that confounds me is the ethical side of this technology.  Just because we can do something, should we do it?  Is it right to do something if it causes harm to another person?

How can people who have the incredible skills to create things for us that help us live our lives better make a living when they have their income taken away from them because of this technology.

I have to ask just how available this technology will be to the average person?  Will it be something everyone has, like a computer?

There are many unethical people out there that have no qualms about stealing or hurting, even killing other people but there are many more people that are ethical and would not use this technology to steal from someone else.  I have to believe in the good side of human nature.

As our economies change, as technologies take away the mundane jobs from our younger generations – what will people be willing to do to earn an income, to survive?  Already there are so many young adults that do not have the hope of meaningful, well paying jobs.

As a culture how can we teach our children what is ethical and what is not; how can we tell them it is wrong to do something, even when they are desperate and unable to afford what they think is their right to have?

Deep questions that I don’t have the answers to….

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