Media Literacy – Providing education to nurses that work at several different physical locations.

Feb 5/15

Media Literacy – Providing education to nurses that work at several different physical locations.

Recently I was in an educator position in Fraser Health and found myself attempting to provide education to 7 different units at 7 different acute care sites. Most educators are responsible for 1 or 2 units but I had 7. How do you provide education to 7 units that are geographically spread from Abbotsford to White Rock & Langley to Maple Ridge?   The staff on these units also worked either 8 hr. or 12 hour shifts making it difficult to provide face to face education to everyone consistently.

At first I made up a poster board with visuals and took my education on a road show and tried to hit up as many people as I could – I’d get to the units 2 hrs. before shift change and stay for an hour or 2 after the new staff came on…this wasn’t overly successful and was not an efficient use of my time.

I thought about making a video and posting it on YouTube and making it mandatory for all staff to watch but there was the nagging feeling that staff wouldn’t watch it because they are so busy providing patient care and doing all the other tasks required in their jobs.

The education was on a new Clinical Practice Guideline on Falls Prevention and Post Fall Assessment. The best response that I got from staff was when I laid a sheet on the floor of the unit and plunked myself down on it and pretended that I had fallen and had them do a full post fall assessment, use the lift to get me up off the floor (when appropriate) and do the follow up assessments on me. They had the algorithms to use and could talk to each other. The staff had fun and got hands on practice but again it was not an economical use of my time.

That position was only a temporary position & I never did figure out a way to provide the education to all 7 units, especially when there were other educational needs requiring my attention at the same time (prevention of urinary tract infection, wound care, central line care, swallowing assessments to prevent aspiration pneumonia etc..).

I’m still not sure how to motivate staff to watch videos or do online learning. It is rare that when there is an education session for staff that more than 1 or 2 people actually do the pre-reading.

I am hoping that somehow from this course I will learn some new & innovative techniques that could be used.

I found the Faculty Focus list of articles on teaching with technology…

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