My Thoughts on Social Media

Jan 18/15

My thoughts

There are 8 courses in the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program and this is the 7th one that I have taken.  I left it to the last because I am afraid of technology.

I’m 53 years old, have a husband, 2 teenage children, an almost full time job and yes I even have a life outside of all of this.  I haven’t and still don’t spent a lot of time using technology.  I was one of the last of my friends to get a cell phone and only got one by default when my husband got a new one for his work.  I have had friends look at me like I have 2 heads because I don’t spend hours each day checking texts, Instagram, Facebook or e-mails; it’s just not part of my life.

I guess I could sit and scroll through Facebook while I have my morning coffee but that’s when I have my own little quiet time, free of outside disturbances.  I could read my e-mails every night when I get home from work but I spend my day at work endlessly communicating with everyone and being updated on all the new things that I need to know so plain and simply…I don’t want to…

So where and how will all this new and ever changing technology fit into my world?

That is a question I can’t answer right now.  Where I work there is not a lot of need for me to be tech savvy, I just need to know the programs that I use.  I can text, e-mail, office communicator & answer my phone.  I am even considered somewhat of an expert on the PARIS program & on Microsoft Office and Outlook.  I have self-educated myself on how to make Power Point presentations but not on how to set  up the laptop at the site of my presentation.

Next month I am going solo on a day long course that I have so far only co-facilitated with my mentor and I have to admit that I am nervous.  I will be the only teacher in the room.  I’m going to have to get there very early in order to ensure that I have all the equipment set up and all the props and resources that I will need are ready to go.  There is a tendency in the building that we are at for the drop down screen to just raise itself back up into the wall with no apparent instructions to do so.

Oh well, live and learn, that’s my motto.

Besides, there’s always someone in the class that knows more about technology than me.

I’m excited to be learning about all this technology but I am also a little overwhelmed.


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