Pecha Kucha Power Points

Feb 15/15

Pecha Kucha Power Points

Pecha Kucha is a Power Point set in the format of 20 slides that automatically advance every 20 seconds. The purpose is to use a short format of approx. 7.5 -8 minutes to present an idea, concept, pictures, project or anything else you want to share. The format used in a PK PP actually has 22 slides – it includes an introduction and a resources page and then 20 slides in the body of the presentation.     There are actually Pecha Kucha nights held around the globe where people get together to present their 20 slide/20 second PP’s.

I find this format refreshing because it doesn’t go into great detail that can bog the viewer down; by necessity it is short and straight to the point thus preventing ‘Death by Power Point’. It took me a while to determine the topic of my PK PP because it had to be something of interest to me and something that many people would find interesting; I can see where groups of people with specific agendas or interests would form groups to present PK PPs in order to provide a wide variety of views, opinions, styles etc. to their specific group, I can see them being used to showcase broad topics as well as more specific agendas.

What makes a good Pecha Kucha Power Point?

  • Topics of interest to the people (groups of people) watching.
  • Topics that are of interest to a wide variety of people.
  • Clear audio that flowed easily, without pauses and uneven silent gaps
  • No background noise
  • Speech that is clear, spoken at a rate that was relaxed, not rushed & that varies in tone.
  • Pictures that change with each slide to keep the viewers interest.
  • Pictures introduced onto the slides at various intervals during the 20 seconds the slide is being viewed.
  • Personal information to make the topic personal.
  • Personal & shared personal experiences; state how the presenter felt during the experience being presented.
  • Show people in the pictures to show size/perspective in the background.Brenda
  • All in all, I really like the idea of Pecha Kucha Power Points, they do not have time to become long & drawn out presentations that put people to sleep.  It would be an excellent way to present multiple ideas or concepts in a short period of time at a large symposium (mix the PK PPs into other activities).
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