Things I have learned:

Feb 16/15

Here we are, 5 weeks into Media Enhanced Learning and I am overwhelmed.

Things I have learned:

1.  I need a lot of tech support to complete my assignments.                             2. Googling instructions on how to use technology isn’t always helpful.         3. I couldn’t survive without the help of my 16 year old daughter and her tech savvy friends.                                                                                                                4.  The staff at Staples are invaluable when it comes to desperate times of need.                                                                                                                                5. I am stronger and grittier than I think, I haven’t given up yet!                      6. Even when I feel like I haven’t been successful in learning technology, I can go to work and see from my other nursing co-workers that I have indeed come a long way.    They all think that my skills are amazing.                            7. Teachers need to be very patient people in helping their students to learn complex concepts and tasks; they must provide explanations and assistance from multiple angles until their student “gets it”.                                                 8. A good nights sleep really does clear your mind and give you the strength to move forward.                                                                                                          9. I admire veteran educations and anyone that is over the age of 50 that is dedicated to learning technology no matter how foreign or difficult it is.        10. If teachers are going to incorporate technology into their lesson plans, we need to develop systems where there is support & mentorship for these teachers so they succeed and don’t give up when problems

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