What Happens When the Student Knows the Technology Better than the Teacher?

Feb 10/15

What Happens When the Student Knows the Technology Better than the Teacher?

What happens when the student knows the technology better than the instructor?   The younger generations are so comfortable with technology and the older generations are often not.

If an instructor uses a technology but is not proficient at it, will it decrease his or her credibility?

How far will technology go? Where will it lead us? Will there come a time when we will say “enough is enough” and get back to simpler methods of instilling education into our students?

I think that we can truthfully say that technology is here to stay and that it will continue to expand in its applications.

My thought is that I will stick to a few technology mediums that I am familiar with and use them well. I will ensure that I am confident and efficient with them before I move on to others. Just because technology is there, it doesn’t mean that we have to incorporate all of its options into our lesson plans.

Somewhere there has to be a happy medium where we incorporate the appropriate technology into our education but not use technology for the sake of using technology.

I guess it depends on where you teach and what you teach as well as your skill level on what technology you opt to use.

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