What if our Technology Systems are Hacked or Crash?

Jan 29/15

What if our Technology Systems are Hacked or Crash?

There has been a lot of press lately about computer hackers, hacking very prestigious & well-guarded computer systems.   These people seem to have no scruples and have no thought for the damage that they cause.  It seems that there are people continually trying to hack into government, banking, business computer systems etc.

Could this be something that could happen in our schools?

Transcripts erased, teaching curriculum lost or altered, what about the students learning through programs?  What if the outcome of programs was altered, whole systems shut down?

It sounds so inhumane to think that someone would do these things, but it’s out there.  So what are we doing to protect ourselves?  I know that there are security systems set up but there’s always someone trying to get ahead of the security program.

I know that technology has so many advantages over some of our older educational processes but it is also a potential portal for someone to cause damage.

I am not a person that sees the cup as half empty; as a matter of fact I do my best to see it as half full.   I look for the good in everything because I believe it’s there.

My son is in grade 8 and he doesn’t know how to write in a cursive script…I’ll be the one to teach him because our schools aren’t.  Is this a skill that will be needed in the future?  Kids are reliant on technology to think critically for them and to solve problems, even to write.

There has to be a balance somehow so that we can still survive in our lives, where ever they are, without such a strong reliance on technology.

Sadly I think I am a dying breed who thinks this (yes I’m older…in my early 50’s and no I didn’t get my first computer until I was in my mid 30s).  As many of the younger generations

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