Why am I driving myself crazy learning all this new technology?

Feb 18/15

Why am I driving myself crazy learning all this new technology?

Today was one of those days where I asked myself, several times, why I am bothering with all this schooling and technology?  I have tried to figure out how to upload a podcast to Audacity with no luck only to have my 16 year old do it on her first try.  I have tried to hyperlink an article on this blog repeatedly over the past few days without luck but today, it worked on the first try.

What is going on?

Is technology always this fickle?

My frustration level seems to go up and down depending on the day.  I have a difficult time trying to find someone in my over 50 years of age crowd who I can turn to for assistance when I’m having troubles…so I ask again…why am I doing this to myself?

It’s because I love a challenge.  I love to learn new things.  I love to understand what my kids are talking about.  I love to ask my kids for help because it lets them be the leaders/teachers for a change.  I love setting an example for my kids and their friends about picking up the gauntlet and taking on the challenge of higher education after 30 years out of school.  I love being creative in finding ways to get the help I need.   I love it when my husband makes dinner and cleans up the kitchen afterwards so I can do my homework.  That’s why I’m doing this.

My brother is a printer and very good with computers, I have abused our brother/sister relationship by phoning or e-mailing him, by sending him copies of documents that I’ve tried to develop in order for him to ‘fix’ them  for me – always asking how he did it of course.  He’s a good sport, he always says he may need my help as a nurse one day so he’ll get even with me then.

I can honestly say that the young tech people at Staples have been the best, they are always willing to help and they truly have compassion for the ‘old lady’ that looks harassed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I haven’t just stopped at Staples though, I shamelessly ask questions to anyone that looks like  they might be computer/tech savvy.  No young person at my work, no techy hired by Fraser Health, and none of my kids friends are put of bounds when I have questions.  It’s a fun way to have a good laugh at myself and to let others help me out for once.  As a nurse I find it difficult to ask for help from others and this is good practice for me.

So I will keep learning and asking questions to anyone who happens to be on my path so I can keep learning.  I am also learning to just “push the dumb button” and not be afraid of the consequences – most programs have that little icon of the backwards arrow that will fix just about anything I can think of to do wrong.


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