PIDP Student Blogs

Instructional strategies blog:   


Active learning

Donkrison Moore

Bob’s Blog

Robert Lees

Claire’s Blog

Janet Archibald


Rhonda Hite

dotty andragogy

Elaine Lai

Inspiring Touch – teaching the art of spa therapy

Jaclyn Fisette

Instrucktional Learning

Aimee Wheatley


Isabelle Vilm

Kim’s Adventures in PIDP

Kimberley Hodge

Mainstream Permaculture

Silvia Diblasio

My PIDP Journey

Amie Schellenberg

My PIDP Journey

Hongyi Bai

My PIDP 3250 Journey

Katrina Lynn Connell

PIDP 3250

Avi Sternberg

Stepping up to the Plate

Avi Sternberg

Tales of Teaching

Talisa Ramos

Teaching, Learning & Sharing

Yan Tanya Tan

The Charmed Hair Teacher

Danielle Murphy-Clare




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